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2016 Firefighters National Curling Championships Update

Team Thulin,
BC vs NS1st end – BC sits 3 in the rings ….. NS skip playing nose hit for 1 point and makes it .
2nd end – BC blanks second end
3rd end – BC blanks third end
4th end – NS sits 2 in the 4 foot …. Thulin trying a double … All rocks spinning out except one NS stone hung on back 12 foot by an inch… NS steals 1 point.
BC 0 – NS 2 after 4 ends … BC has hammer in 5th end
5th end – BC sits 2 on either side of 4 foot….NS skip trying hit and roll and rolls out .
Thulin drawing to other side to sit 2 again and makes it perfect .NS skip hits and rolls out again … Thulin drawing for 2 needs 8 foot for the 2 points .. Might have gone it much … Measuring the two stones …. BC gets only 1 point .
BC 1 – NS 2 after 5 ends .
6th end – centre guard up … NS stones in the rings one side 12 foot and one touching back 4 foot centre….. NS draws I little heavy and sits right beside the back 4 … Thulin drawing to the back 4 and comes up light and sits top 8 foot ….Thulin is trying the same shot to freeze ….over curls a bit but shot rock … NS has a chance for 4 points and makes it . NS 6 – BC 1 after 6 ends
7th end – BC takes 3 points BC 4 – NS 6 after 7 ends …. BC is fighting back.
8th end – NS drawing for 4 points ….. NS wins

2016 Firefighters National Curling Championships Update

Team Thulin,

BC  vs  Sask

1st end  – BC sitting 2 in the rings …. Forced Sask to take 1 point in the 1st end

2nd end – BC sitting 2 in the rings possible double …. Sask makes the double and BC blanks the 2nd.

3rd End – BC laying back eight .. Sask taps us out …. BC tries to blank but takes 1 point .

BC 1 – Sask 1  after 3 ends 

4th end – Skip Thulin playing a hit and roll …. Rolls to back eight foot.

Sask Skip hits and rolls out ….. Thulin drawing around centre guard … Little heavy and sits back 12 foot covered…. Sask blanks the 4th end.

5th end – Thulin playing a board weight hit and roll to sit 2 and makes it …. Sask skip first stone playing hit and roll but noses it …. Thulin is now trying the same shot … Hit and roll .. And makes it perfect …. Forcing Sask to draw for a single… But Sask was a little heavy …. BC steals 1 point .    BC 2 – Sask 1 after 5 ends

6th end – very open end …. Sask skip throws through the rings for a blank …. And I went to buy a beer 🍺👍

7th end – BC putting on the pressure this end … After BC Third Dawson …. BC sitting 3 in the rings … One sitting top 4 foot … Sask third hits the top 4 foot stone and rolls open ….Thulin hits and rolls under cover … BC still sits 3 …..Sask skip try’s a hit and roll off and rolls out ….BC Thulin draws frozen to another BC stone and sits 3 …. Sask forced to draw full 4 foot for a single point .    BC 2 – Sask 2 after 7 ends

8th end – Sask skip first stone draws in to sit 3 in the rings …. Thulin is trying a double… Shit …. So close just misses …. Sask skip throws top 12 foot to sit 4 …. Thulin drawing against 4 …..rubs a stone top 4 foot and rolls to sit second shot .  Sask steals 1 point .

BC 2 – Sask 3 after 8 ends 

9th end – BC sits 3 after the ( thirds stone ) BC with hammer ….. Sask skip trying a double and makes it …. BC still sitting one in the rings …. Thulin draws to the other side to sit 2…… Sask skip trying another double …and makes it again …. BC blanks the 9th end …. Coming home in 10 end with hammer .

10th end – sorry …. Too intense …. Sask makes a great shot …. And steals a point for the win .

BC vs Sask
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2016 Firefighters National Curling Championships Update

Team Thulin,

British Columbia is back on a winning streak!  British Columbia 9 – North West Territories 4

Draw 5 – British Columbia has a bye.

BC is hosting dinner tonight with South Ontario.  British Columbia has the best Pacific wild sockeye salmon.

We will be posting more pictures after dinner tonight.  Go British Columbia!!

random 9

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