Hello Everyone ,
Since my last email to you…..i have received several emails with concerns about curling this year.
unfortunately we are going through a tuff period …. dealing with this COVID 19 protocol.
So  Friday Nov.13 until further notice curling is cancelled.
I thought long and hard about this Decision to Cancel the Friday Morning Curling League this year.
Hopefully we can revisit this Decision in January.
Also there are still 6 or so still working (the FRONT LINE ) and are also dealing with issues from work with Covid 19.
If we did continue ….at the best we would only see 14 guys show up……which i feel isn’t really worth it ….. plus i don’t want  to pay for ice we don’t use.
Also for the 3 Guys that have paid …. i will send you back an e transfer by email later today or tomorrow.
I hope everyone understands this was a stuff decision for me.
As for the BC Provincials…they are still trying to Figure things out ……i will keep you updated as i get more info.
Feel free to email me back .
Steve E.