World Police and Fire Games, Winnipeg, Manitoba Summer of 2023

Hi Everyone,
Its past Team Manitoba Director Dan Michalchuk here.
I miss you all terribly, and our Canadians will be back soon enough and we can all get together once again!!!
In the meantime, I would like to bring to your attention that the World Police and Fire Games are being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the summer of 2023. (July 26th– Aug 6th / 2023)   For the first time in a long time the sport of Curling will be part of it. I will be head Organizer of the 10 day curling event. This email is mostly a brief informative reminder that these games are happening. These games are very closely compared to the Olympics and known to be superior to the Pan Am Games. Bringing over 8500 athletes to participate from all over the world.
These games are open to ALL FULL TIME FIREFIGHTERS only. You may visit the website to find out further information and eligibility requirements.
You can also play with anyone from anywhere. Which is great to maybe mix up the competition. I would love to see a representative from all over Canada. There’s no limits on teams. Any department can put in as many teams as they want. We will have a capacity which is unknown at this time.
I simply ask all directors to forward this email and spread the word amongst your departments so everyone is aware of it shall there be interest. We expect a lot of teams for this event and for it to be very competitve. Share my email with anyone and all if further questions may arise. Please also respond back to me if there is interest in entering a team. I would like to start making a draft list of teams that will be entered.
Please take a look at the website for your curiosity. All answers to questions you may have could easily be found there. This is very exciting for us here in Winnipeg and even Canada. The games haven’t been in Canada in a very long time and may not come back for an even longer time. So take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in them while its close to home.
I look forward to organizing this and hearing back from those who are interested and may attend here in Winnipeg.
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