About Us

The British Columbia Fire Fighter Curling Association is a national organization started as the result of the dedicated efforts of a Vancouver fire fighter named Aubrey Neff.  He first organized a Vancouver Fire Department League and then became the British Columbia Fire Fighters Curling Association. In 1958, Aubrey sent correspondance to fire fighters in every major city in Canada proposing a dream of a Dominion Fire Fighters Curling Championship.:

The results are as follows:

1958Provincial Associations were formed in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
1959Provincial Play downs were held in four Provinces.
1960 A five province Dominion Championship was held in Regina. A Canadian Executive was elected. President Aubrey Neff
1961A six province Championship was held in Winnipeg.
1962First All Star Awards were presented.
1964An eight province Championship was held in Vancouver.
1969A ten team Championship was hosted in Scarborough.
1973Northwest Territories competed for the first time in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
1983Newfoundland sent representation to the event hosted in Brampton.
2001Newfoundland and Labrador hosted for the first time in St. John’s.

Mr. Neff’s dream had become a reality, the Canadian Fire Fighters Curling Association. This is the only competition that gathers fire fighters from every province and territory in Canada to compete for a national championship. Every province and territory has now hosted this event.

President Aubrey Neff Elected in 1960
President Aubrey Neff
Elected in 1960

Sadly, Aubrey Neff, our founding father passed away in Chilliwack, B.C. on Sunday, March 9, 1997, at the age of 74, after losing a courageous battle with cancer. The memory of his legacy will live on in the hearts of every fire fighter who participates in this curling championship. One man’s dream remains a reality for all who continue to champion his cause…….